7 Good Reason to Watch Profugos a HBO Chile Series

Monday , 30, November 2020 Comments Off on 7 Good Reason to Watch Profugos a HBO Chile Series

Written in Chile, this story is approximately a failed drug operation that creates a frenzied quest for four men by the mafia and federal authorities, forcing them to take up a desperate escape plan with the Chilean territory.

The story beginswhen Vincente Ferragut (Nestor Cantillana) Tegui Gonzalez (Benjamin Vicuna), Oscar Salamanca (Francisco Reyes) and Mario Moreno (LuisGnecco) are hired to transport a shipment of liquid cocaine from your Bolivian border towards the Chilean port of Valparaiso. When they are delivering the cocaine towards the European buyers inside harbor, a gun shot from the roof causes a violent and unexpected ambush.

The characters within the series realize immediately after that but they have different lives and interests, they need to stay together to live. The destiny of four years old man changes when they become fugitives.

If you love drug series with action, love, schemes, passion and high drama, you can’t miss Profugos, a TV series produced by HBO Chile. Here are the very best main reasons why you cannot comprise excuses to miss this fabulous series.

7. Atmosphere: The series was filmed in numerous cities of Chile, like Vina del Mar, Santiago and Valparaiso. The landscapes and the cinemography of the series are beautiful and shocking. Revealing the exotic South American layout, the amazing landscapes be a living element with the series.

6. The series is manufactured and manufactured in Latin America: This is the first action TV series presented on the world that has been filmed for the border between Bolivia and Chile. With ซีรี่ย์จีน , Profugos is often a TV series produced with a highly talented Chilean staff. The directors, cast and actors have become proud presenting a Latin American series rich in quality and high effort.

5. The police and drugs plot: Although Chile is not a drug producing country, drug issues are extremely common in Latin America. This series provides higher level action with drugs, explosions, and police chases. In this drug world, you simply can’t even rely on own shadow.

4. The realism in the story: Despite like a fictional story, the locations, safety issues and explosions are incredibly real. The actors also provide story a large dose of reality his or her performances are magnificent on this hair raising action packed series.

3. The plot in the story: This is an action packed story brimming with corruption and betrayal where it’s impossible to trust anybody. The four fugitives escape lacking the knowledge of who chases them. They must communicate to guard, not just their particular lives, but also the lives with their families from your complicated web of lies, revenge and death.

2. The four main characters: They have four different personalities, four different lifestyles, four different pasts and something ultimate fate: stick together to live. The characters narrate the storyline with this series using a deep perspective of the personal needs, worries, wishes and problems.

1. Adrenalin and action: With a perfectly written script, this series has explosive scenes which make you jump out of your seats. Fights, chases, shootings, and bombings get this series incredibly exciting