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Company of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega on the platform of Microsoft Windows. Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2006 game Company of Heroes and was released on June 25, 2013 in North America and Europe.

As with the original Company of Heroes, the game will be set in the Second World War, but will focus on the Eastern Front. Company of Heroes 2 will run on proprietary Essence 3,0 game engine Relic Entertainment, THQ claims that would allow the developer to bring “new technological developments” in the game. The game will feature the Soviet Red Army as a new faction will take the player in various stages of the Eastern Front Campaign, from Operation Barbarossa in the Battle of Berlin. The game is built on proprietary Essence 3,0 engine relic, which brings new improvements over the previous games Relic. One such improvement is the new line-of-sight technology, TrueSight, which aims to mimic better visibility troops in actual combat. Unlike the traditional unit visibility, TrueSight more accurately represents the range of visibility of a unit based on the environmental conditions and the type of unit.

About This Game:

Powered by the Essence Engine 3.0, the Company of Heroes 2 series feature some unique mechanics rewarding thoughtful players. From the TrueSight™ system that emulates the units’ line of sight to the cover-system that encourages clever unit placement – not to mention the combined arms approach and the hard and soft counters gameplay that will make you think twice before trying to destroy a tank with a simple squad of riflemen – each game presents players with an uninterrupted stream of meaningful tactical choices that can turn the tide of war.

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Company of Heroes 2 System Requirements

Minimum System Specs:

  • OS: Windows Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
  • Memory: 2 Gb
  • Hard Drive: 6.5 Gb free
  • Video Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 2900
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

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