Watch Your Favorite Tv Shows Whenever You Want, On Dvd

Tuesday , 10, November 2020 Comments Off on Watch Your Favorite Tv Shows Whenever You Want, On Dvd

Okay, so you’re a devotee of “Gilmore Girls” and you also missed Lorelai’s proposal to Luke when your TiVo stop the final. Or perhaps you knew as a kid “The Brady Bunch” and wish to relive your childhood crush on Maureen McCormick. Or maybe you would like to revisit your chosen “Friends” moments-without expecting the repeats to roll around.

A growing variety of TV fans have found they are able to readily benefit from the series that made them laugh, cry, scream or throw popcorn at the screen-by purchasing complete seasons on DVD. From ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี as “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Dragnet” to today’s biggest hits, including “CSI” and “The O.C.,” hundreds of shows have become readily available for collection and home viewing.

Not only do DVD collections give viewers complete seasons-or, when it comes to short-lived cult faves, the whole series-on just a few discs (say goodbye to that collection of commercial-filled videotapes), but they can lead to extras in order to meet the most rabid fans: conversations with stars and show creators, making-of featurettes, screen tests plus much more.

One convenient way to find your top series is via the Columbia House DVD Club. Not only do the catalogs feature many new TV and movie titles monthly, nevertheless the club runs frequent specials, allowing members to develop their collections without spending a lot. See how much you know about popular TV shows using this crossword puzzle.